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Welcomed in Speedhub: the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) that supports companies to become more competitive by improving their processes thanks to the innovations of “Industry 4.0”.
Speedhub gives to companies the opportunity to grow with the digital transformation in order to move towards a “smart manufacturing” model and to face the new challenges of the market.

Our target


The DIH helps you:

  • to understand and define the “Industry 4.0” model
  • to increase awareness regarding opportunities of new technologies
  • to identify the best technological partners to implement innovative projects
  • to verify training needs in order to start a digital innovation process


For an innovative sustainable development, the DIH helps:

  • to the creation of a network of key stakeholders for an effective lobbying activity to the benefit of companies
  • to conceive, share and promote innovative projects for of the development of the territory
  • to be a think thank in order to share relevant topics related to opportunities and threats for the territory’s infrastructural system

Highlighted projects


The project presented by RIVELO, the Regional Innovative Network for Logistics, which promotes innovative actions aimed at digitalising the supply chain for resilient logistics. 

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