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Below is some information and warnings on how to manage the website for the protection of personal data, in accordance with art. 13 and 122 of the Legislative Decree n. 196/2003 ("Privacy Code"), at the art. 13 of the EU Regulation n. 2016/679 ("GDPR"), as well as the General Provision of the Italian Data Protection Authority of 8th May 2014. The validity of the following information is not extended to any other external websites consulted by the user through links on the Speedhub Foundation's website.

1) Data controller and Data Protection Officer
The data ownership, voluntarily conferred by users and processed following the consultation of the website, is attributed to SPEEDHUB Foundation, Piazza Cittadella 12 - 37122 Verona, which deals with the same data for the purposes of optimizing the use of the website and for its statutory and institutional purposes.
The processing is carried out by the Data Controller using paper, computerized, electronic means, through the staff in charge and the one of the company CLAB COMUNICAZIONE S.r.l., responsible for the creation and maintenance of the website.

CLAB COMUNICAZIONE S.r.l., designated as the Data Controller (external), can use, for the hosting service (web server) of the Foundation's website and for the adoption of the appropriate security measures on data, of specialized providers, identified autonomously according to their level of experience, ability and reliability.

2) Processing of personal data during navigation

SPEEDHUB Foundation, also through CLAB COMUNICAZIONE S.r.l., collects data on access and navigation within the website to allow the operation of the services and sections that require the user identification and it uses the information collected for the technical administration of the website and for any statistical analysis about the use of the website.

The SPEEDHUB Foundation will be able to use global statistics on the type of traffic and other information related to the website, without disclosing or communicating data relating to the single user to third parties.

Except for what specified for technical cookies, the user is free to provide his own personal data through the use of appropriate forms on the website to request the sending of newsletters, informative material or other communications and, more in general, for the purposes indicated in the relative and specific information. The failure in providing these data implies that the user is unable to obtain what it has been requested.

These specific information also provide clarifications on methods and duration of the processing, as well as the areas of possible external data communication, and they give the indication, where necessary, of express requests for consent.

Personal data collected through the use of the website are processed with automated and/or paper instruments for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected.

Users, as interested parties, may, at any time, verify the personal data provided and exercise all the rights provided by the privacy legislation in force (with particular reference to the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, limitation and blocking of treatment) by forwarding the relative request at the e-mail address . Moreover, if they deem it necessary, they can lodge a complaint with the Privacy Authority.

3) Use of cookies

Users who view the website will see a minimum amount of information in the devices in use as computers or mobile devices, in small text files called "cookies" saved in the directories used by the web browser.

There are various types of cookies, some aimed at making the use of the website more effective, others with the aim of enabling certain features. The website uses cookies essentially in order to make its services simple and efficient for users who view the pages.

SPEEDHUB Foundation makes use of CLAB COMUNICAZIONE S.r.l. for the management and the maintenance of the website and, as Data Controller (external), for the proper operational management of cookies within the aforementioned purposes, as well as for the adoption of adequate protection measures on personal data on website.

For more information on the use of cookies click here.

4) Security measures on the website

For the management of the website specific and adequate security measures have been adopted, of organizational and technical-IT type, as prescribed by Attachment B to the Privacy Code, as well as by the articles 24 and ss. of the GDPR, aimed at guaranteeing secure access and at protecting the information contained from risks of loss or destruction, even accidental.

This refers in particular to the designation of the company CLAB COMUNICAZIONE S.r.l., in consideration of its experience, ability and reliability, as the (external) data controller, required to guarantee, in addition to the correct operational management of cookies, the protection of data present on the website in relation to illicit treatments and accesses not allowed through, for example, the adoption of updated antivirus, firewalls and any other software or hardware instrument necessary for the purpose, specific policies for the storage of backup copies and for the restoration of data and systems availability.

In the adoption of these measures, CLAB COMUNICAZIONE S.r.l. can, in turn, make use of specialized providers, identified independently by virtue of the aforementioned standards of quality and reliability.

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