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The Digital Innovation Hub is the bridge between the world of companies and the one of research, between a solid and traditional way of doing and a vision that will allow industries to evolve. It connects the present and the future promoting the digitalization process of the whole company’s environment, from production to marketing, from the realization of new products and services to their sale. Thanks to this transverse approach with regards to sectors and business specificities, the DIH boosts companies to manage in a new way processes and resources.

Nowadays, competitiveness is strictly related to speed. Speed has to be intended in the exchange of information, in the ability to adapt to the market needs which are continuously in evolution through the optimization of timing, production flexibility and customization of products.

In this scenario, the optimization of industrial logistics and supply chain processes is not only strategic, but a unique opportunity to stand out and become a leader.
This is a complex challenge to manage because the industrial logistics influences all the company’s functions and, at the same time, is dependent on external factors.

Industrial logistics and digital development; two worlds now closer than ever.
Speedhub’s mission is to merge them in order to support companies growth facilitating the digital integration of business processes with clients and suppliers. This will make them more competitive in the market that is becoming more and more selective, where the efficiency is essential for reaching a leading position.
The supply chain is a key competence for a shift in the way of doing businesses and for promoting the territory specialization.


Many competences, several opportunities. Our network facilitates companies in reaching different objectives which are integrated one from each other in order to make them grow towards “Industry 4.0” model.


To assist companies in the digitalization process to let them evolve towards a smart manufacturing model.


To support companies and help them access the most appropriate enabling technologies.

Supply Chain 4.0

To make companies able to identify the area of interest in order to manage the supply chain 4.0.

Strategic networking

To promote the relation between strategic partners involved in the logistics industry.

Territorial identity

To enhance the local identity making it distinguishable at regional, national and international level.

Advanced technologies
for a multitude of sectors

We offer the best combination of new technologies for business innovation by offering anintelligent approach in which machines, people and information systems interact to create products and services.

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Supply chain:
more added value to the final costumer
starting from the first suppliers

The technological transformation is related to the level of digital maturity of a company and with the specific company’s strategy. Starting from the identification and the analysis of the possible improvements of the supply chain, Speedhub assists companies that wants to develop a “digital strategy” for the management of the entire supply chain within the “Industry 4.0” scenario. A new and innovative approach to understand the market with advanced tools to reach clients in the most efficient, transparent and effective way.

The main benefits of the supply chain’s digitalization strategy are:

Transparency of the process

Availability of information

Collaboration between different stakeholders

Flexibility in managing the variation of demands

"Real-time" response

Customization of the final product


To enhance the territory
as a competitiveness factor

Verona’s economy is particularly open internationally. This distinctive feature derives partly from its peculiar geographic location: at the crossing of two trans-European transport corridors, connected to ports, close to Germany and to the growing eastern countries. It assumes a key role of “HUB” as reference for the development of logistics issues considered as supply chain.

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