Closed loop supply chain


“Closed loop supply chain” aims to work on Circular Economy issue. The circular economy and environmental sustainability are current issues for companies, mainly due to the scarcity of resources, the increase in the price of raw materials and the new rules that make the producer of their product responsible during the entire product lifecycle. In addition, companies’ supply chains are undergoing several transformations such as the complexity of sales forecasts for a global market, the impact of new technologies and the organization of multiple distribution and sales channels (offline and online). A further element of complexity is represented by the need to define contents of environmental and social sustainability of companies operations. In this sense, some advanced supply chain management models work trying to recover reusable components to reduce costs through a lower need to procure new raw materials or through the design and sale of eco-sustainable products. All this goes through the construction of a supply chain that strategically provides for the recovery of returned products or part of them at the closure of the supply chain (closed loop supply chain).The project provides training and coaching services at partner companies to lead them to define projects in order to work on recovery of efficiency and improvement of the level of customer service of products or services in line with CLSC.


Regione Veneto tramite il Fondo Sociale Europeo (FSE) DGR 1267 08/08/2017 “Strumenti di innovazione sociale NS2 nuove sfide e nuovi servizi”, POR 2014-2020, Obiettivo “Investimenti a favore della crescita e dell’occupazione


C.IM.&FORM. Srl, società di formazione di Confindustria Verona


Fondazione Speedhub, Confindustria Verona, Università di Verona, Camera di Commercio di Verona, Consorzio ZAI, Quadrante Europa, Istituti tecnici di Verona, Fondazione LAST, CSV di Verona, COSP, Università di Padova, Confindustria Veneto SIAV, T2I.


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